What is ParkFriendly.net?
ParkFriendly.net is designed to raise awareness about environmentally responsible geocaching. This website is not an enforcement tool; however, by using ParkFriendly.net you agree to place and maintain your cache according to the Park Friendly guidelines stated on the registration page.

Guidelines may vary between park jurisdictions as various park administrations have differing rules about Park use. Please click on the "Park Friendly Caching" logo to see the guidelines for the caches you are planning to visit.

If the park use guidelines, for the cache you see on this site, fall under the jurisdiction of a park system (for example Washington State Parks) then the policies you see on this site are real policies for that park administration. Full park use policies can be found on the webpages managed by the park authorities. All geocachers must follow official park use policies, regardless of listings on this site.

What if my cache isn't in a park? Can it be Park Friendly? Of course! If your geocache in not in a park, but you would like to proclaim it as being an environmentally friendly geocache, please feel free to register your cache and use the general Park Friendly guidelines. When registered, place the Park Friendly logo on your cache listing as directed.

Why is this important?
When in a park, geocachers (along with all other park users) need to follow park use guidelines. Geocachers MUST respect park use policies when placing and hunting caches in parks... failure to do so can lead to the banning of geocaching in some parks. All geocachers have a responsibility to be aware of park use guidelines and abide by them.

Data Collection Park Friendly caching is all about responsible, environmentally friendly geocaching. By registering your geocache with ParkFriendly.net, you are agreeing to allow the information about you and your geocache to be stored in a database on a secure server under the control of Edley Imagineering Inc. Your personal information will not be sold nor given to any third party, nor will it be used in any way other than as a reference to your geocache and its status as a park friendly geocache. If you would like your geocache listing removed from our database, please e-mail us and we will be pleased to remove it.

Who is ParkFriendly.net? ParkFriendly.net is owned and operated by Edley Imagineering Inc., owners/operators of landsharkz.ca and americancacher.com We care about our environment and want to protect it from damage. ParkFriendly.net is our way of helping to create awareness about responsible geocaching in our parks and public areas.

Legal Stuff (Important). Use of this website, or the Park Friendly Geocaching logo, in no way authorizes the user to place, nor hunt, a geocache in any park or other location. Although efforts will be made to keep the content of this site current, information contained on this site may be outdated or may be wrong.The accuracy and maintenance of geocache information available on this site is the responsibility of the geocache owner.